Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Swamped? Don't let the cares of this world overwhelm you!

           Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the world on you?  Do you feel like this, that and the other should have been done yesterday?  Do you feel alone even when you're surrounded by people?
           What do you cling to in times of trouble?  Fear, self reliance, others?  God's promises are true, faithful, never ending, and unchangeable.  When we doubt where this world is headed, we should turn to the Scripture verses that give us hope, reassurance and victory in the end.
           ''I will never forsake you'' is the promise that we should remember in all of our trials.  John 3;16 is the promise of salvation and deliverance for those who believe in Jesus Christ.  ''I have prepared a place for you'' is the promise of your eternal home with Him.
           After I had written this blog, my internet went out.  My friend, Cathy, came to visit at 3pm and brought me a box from Israel of  'God's promises for you.'  I love that God used both our thoughts together today for His good.  ''Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my Savior.''