Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Favorites

Okay, the following are 10 of my favorite things, in no particular order, to help you know me better. I hope you'll comment with your 10 so I can know you better too. Email me, if you cant comment on here.

1. Guacamole...........I think this is my favorite food. Santo Coyote makes the best and I can share or eat the whole bowl, made tableside, myself.

2. TiVo.......I think this is the greatest invention since the microwave. Watching tv without commercials and at your convenience, its wonderful.

3. My Pets.......Animals have always been a part of my life and I cant imagine a life without them. Each are special to me in their own way. I know God provided each of them, just when I needed them.

4. Canton, TX..........I love to go here. Its flea market heaven. The weekend before the first Monday of each month, the whole town turns into a shoppers paradise.

5. My Parents...... They've been there thru thick and thin for me. I've been to more places and done more than most people because of them. I love you.

6. Clothes..... Yes, I'm a clothes-horse. I love getting new clothes. I rarely outgrow my clothes so I give them away, usually to Haiti, to make room for new stuff.

7. Eating out....... I love to go out with friends to our favorite restaurants. Even if I can't eat, due to coughing, I love the conversation and fellowship.

8. Dulcimer lessons.......Phillip took a chance on me and I am so thankful. It not only challenges me but it is fun. Our conversations are an encouragement too.

9. Memory of Maui...... This was one of the best weeks in my life. My parents went to Hawaii when I was in 10th grade but I declined to go. I wanted to go somewhere like that if I ever fell in love. Fast forward to 1994, my parents sent Marc and I to Maui for my college graduation present. Snorkeling, parasailing, submarine, a drive around the island, the beach day, and more.

10. Friends..... Where would I be without them? You know who you are and you're priceless.