Monday, September 1, 2014

Frisco/Canton Texas Trip


      Well that was the longest that I've ever gone without the internet, but it was well worth it.  We left Tuesday for Frisco, TX for my pre-birthday road trip.
      Wednesday began with shopping at IKEA and Sam Moon Trade Center.  We all met up at 2 o'clock for our IFly indoor skydiving reservation.  As much as it was my idea and desire to indoor skydive, it was for my safety not to have my prayer answered.  Charlene, Kristy, Karla and my dad did get to IFly and it was fun to watch.  Flapping cheeks, concentration to the max, and balance gone awry.  Yes, its hard not to be a little envious of their flying adventure but I'll reserve my flight time till heaven.  After IFly, the sisters met up with family and we went to the Frisco Marketplace.  I got my favorite Orange Julius drink too that I had been craving.
         Thursday, we headed for Canton.. the flea market town of all towns.  We got to do a little practice shopping before the big day of shopping on Friday.
         Friday, we woke up to rain..... WHAT?  It was a blessing tho and cooled things off till the afternoon.  We shopped hard and long with many bargains conquered.  That night we went to Juanita's for my birthday dinner, my first time to eat out in a restaurant since Oct 2013.  It went well with a little air help.
        Saturday after a little morning shopping, Kristy headed to Austin and we headed back to LR.  Great people sharing a great time making great memories.