Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I've Got It, Okay


     How in control of things do you feel?  We often feel we are indestructable.  We push the limits of our weak strength.  How do you feel when you're realize you're not in control?  It's hard to let someone else be in charge or submit to decisions we don't agree with or understand.
     When it came to driving, I was the squirrel in the picture above. I've told you before I often drove fast but I haven't disclosed that I rarely wore a seatbelt. My reasoning was that I felt more in control and less hindered without a seatbelt.  People often asked or begged me to wear one but to no avail.  I once had a wreck with my boss in the car.  He asked me before we started on our trip if I was going to put my seatbelt on. No, I'm ok.  After the wreck, when the cop asked if we were wearing seatbelts, my boss said he was and let me say that I wasn't.  Oh how God's protection covered me all those years. The control I thought I had was just an illusion.  It was actually an act of grace from God towards me.
     So now that I can't drive, you won't catch me without a seatbelt. The passenger seat sheds a whole new light on the value of a seatbelt. [giggle]  Thankfully, my protection is still most provided by God's hands. He is in control of where you are and the situation we are in.  Isn't that comforting?  We shouldn't be reckless or foolish in our ways because as much control as you think you have over are not in control, God is..