Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seeing Pain

     Oh how I hate to see others in pain. I am a 'want to fix it' type of person. You can see discomfort in one's eyes, body movements or just feel it in your heart. Sometimes its an easy fix, like readjusting someone's pillow in bed for them, but often it's only fixable by God's power through prayer.
     I took my dog, Brandi, to the vet once and they cut her nails. No big deal, right? They cut too much, she cried and it bled. I'm used to blood from working at the lab but this was my baby dog's blood. I started passing out and they had to take me out. I know it sounds silly. Just seeing my loved one in pain hurt me to the core.
     This blog is for my friends/loved ones that are hurting tonight. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sometimes the best advice needs no words


FBF Requests--Sept.

The following are prayer requests for September from the FBF missionaries. Join us in praying for them.

Lesley Wolfe..NTM School in Missouri

1] My students (10 of them – 4 couples, two single young women) – that they will grasp and apply the “how to’s” of relationship building, culture and language study among tribal peoples dring these next 6 weeks of class
2)      That God will add co-workers to the Glaro work from among the students that are currently here in the training!  A couple or two?  A single individual or two?

Philip and Sandra Prime...Mexico

1.) We have baptisms planned for Sunday the 4th. Pray that the Lord would be glorified.
2.) For our evangelistic outreach planned for the Friday the 16th of September as Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain. You can learn a little more about the celebration at the link which follows:
Martin and Hansy Tuohy

1. Clear direction as to future ministry (Minister somewhere in Denmark or Puruandiro, MX?)
2. Wisdom and courage to move forward according to God's perfect timing.

Bobby and Namatha Avilez...Thailand..House of Hope

1.Pray for Thab, the university student who helps out at HOH in exchange for boarding and lodging. She will be having exams from August 25-28th.

2. Pray for Biaki, our ministry colleague, who is planning on returning back to India (during the break) to visit her elderly mom. Pray that it will be a refreshing time for her. Also pray for Thap who will assume leadership over the House of Hope while Biaki is away.

Phil and Julie Zimmerman....Tennessee

1[ Continued prayer for our son, Jacob. He needs the Lord's protection, deliverance and His direction. We know the Lord is working, and we appreciate your prayers.
2] We would also like prayer for us to know the Lord's direction in the coming months in ministry, and for our other children.
Monica and Quico Sernatinger...Mexico

Please pray for Lupita, my neighbor and a very devout Catholic. We have an appointment to talk about what it means to be born again!!! For many years I have been praying that the Lord may open her heart so that she could see that Christ is not a religion but a Person who loves her and wants to save her... she has believed that because she is so religious she is OK... May she be saved, and may the Lord use her to save her marriage
Also, please pray for Tere.  She is only 35 and has been diagnosed with cancer. We have started a Bible study and she seems very hungry and interested... some think that she may be ocoming to hear because she desires financial help... May the Lord save her and heal her...
Ted and Priscilla Clark....Mexico

There have been some robberies at gunpoint in our nearby rancho recently. Please pray that the Lord’s powerful hand would continue to be over us to guard us from the intentions of evil men.

We continue to visit Alicia and Salomon, and other families in Arumbaro regularly. Salomon and
Alicia have been through various trials recently. Please pray that the Lord would use these trials to draw Salomon to himself.  Pray for the conviction  of God’s Spirit in his heart.