Monday, January 6, 2014


Exercise? I thought you said Accessorize!   Isn't this a great quote

     Exercise comes in all forms for me.  I would much rather do retail therapy, than some workout video.  Yes it's easier to access the accessory counter than any exercise equipment.
     These cold shut-in days make me feel guilty tho and my conscience tells me to do something.  The freezing temperatures diminish any desire to hit the stores, even with good sales.  So I gave in today.  I had Karla help me do my standing exercise machine.  I haven't been on it in several months but I was proud of myself for the 8 minutes I did accomplish.
    We all have that little voice inside of us urging us to do what we should.  We hear what we want to and follow thru when we want to too.  If only we could bottle up that good feeling after we've exercised and drink it when it's time to do it again.