Friday, November 9, 2012

All Things

    ''Let all things that have breath, Praise the Lord.''  We are surrounded by evidence daily of God's creations.  How can anyone deny His existence and power?  We are to walk by faith, not by sight but what we do see should affirm our beliefs.  That doesn't mean we know the formula to the creation of life, like H2O, but we know there is a Master of creation.
     There is so much we do not know or understand.  His ways and thoughts are so far from us, its an endless quest to try to comprehend much.  Trust is the centerpoint to our faith.  Throw out reason, the whys, the now whats and just let Him lead your way.
     When even a squirrel can be thankful for the warm sunshine, why aren't our bodies and mouths in constant praise for all our blessings?