Friday, September 23, 2011

Not Getting Up

     I should probably postpone this blog till winter but this picture reminds me of the following story. We lived in DeKalb, IL so I could attend NIU for my senior year of college. My 2nd semester, winter-spring, started in mid-January. I woke up to the sounds of the weather report from my radio alarm clock. It was 30 below zero with a 70 below wind chill!  I waited to hear that school was cancelled. It never happened???  I held on to my southern weather roots and refused to even consider going. Know your limits and this was waaaaaay past mine. Turned off the alarm clock and stayed under that electric blanket till who knows The following two days of classes were cancelled. I went the 4th day but it was still cold as ever. I was raised in the south and belong in the more reasons than just the weather, too. 
Sincerely from,
GRITS... Girl Raised In The South.