Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sneaks Up On You

So true.

     Okay so I haven't made that many biscuits in my life but I've made enough to know opening them scares me every time.  I know the 'POP' is coming but so is my jump reaction.  My friend and I were making cupcakes the other day when the icing canister wouldn't work.  Suddenly, it popped and we both jumped like we'd been shot thru the kitchen window.
      The shock of death is coming as well but we don't know when it will hit us.  Are you going to say, 'Wait, I wasn't ready?'  Are you terrified with anticipation?   There is no way to avoid the biscuit can of life from popping and saying it's over.  We need to be prepared and ready at any time to leave this world.  The can of life is hard and tough but after the pop there is a softness that awaits us.
       May you be prepared to jump for joy as the jack-in-the-box does, when your time is up on this earth.  It will be more fresh and satisfying than waking up to the smell of biscuits in the oven.