Monday, October 8, 2012

Make A Wish?


     Have you ever made a dandelion wish?  Did you blow with all your might to blow all the fuzzy stuff off to ensure it would come true?  What you wish for says alot about you.  Are your wishes for others or for yourself?  Are they worldly or for spiritual gain?  Well you most likely did this as a kid so the wish was probably near sighted and personal.  How about our adult wishes through prayer tho?
     A friend asked me this weekend, 'if you were able to, would you go out now and use a chainsaw?'  I quickly said, 'No, these hands weren't made for a chainsaw.'  If I were to wish for my hands to do something, it would probably be to write again.  I used to have very good penmanship but it faded along with my grip.  I didn't realize how much we use a pen in every day life until my ability to do so was gone.  So I've traded my pen in for a keyboard and it seems to be more worthwhile, but I do still wish I had both.
     Nothing is too big or too small for you to ask for in prayer because God has the whole world in His hands.