Saturday, May 10, 2014

Where to Look


         Where do we look when we think about our lives?  We should look to God in every aspect because He is in control of all of it.
          The past..... you didn't get here today by accident.  You were made and created for a purpose.  If that's not enough for you to thank God for, then consider all the crazy things you've survived in your own past.
         The future.... only God knows what lies ahead for each of us so we must put our trust in Him.  He does work all things for the good of those that believe in Him.  His faithful track record with me proves that in He alone do I trust.
        My surroundings..... I can look around and see how abundantly I am blessed so it is my privilege to share those blessings with others.  We serve God by showing His love in many different ways to those around us.
        My heart, mind and soul... no one can fill your heart like Jesus.  From my friend, Cathy......''A pastor went to a girl who didn't know God and was not considered fit to be in good society. (This was in the early 1900's). The pastor didn't tell her how good God was or how much He loved her. He didn't tell her how bad her lifestyle was or how much she needed God. He simply asked her to pray this prayer every day until he came back into town. The prayer was: God, show me myself.  When he saw her again a week or so later, she was broken over her sin. At that point he asked her to pray a different prayer every day for a week or so: God show me Yourself.  When the pastor saw this same woman years later, she was totally transformed and had a close, very deep walk with the Lord. Everything about her life had changed.''
        May we all open our eyes and remove the blinders of this world so that we may see God in everything and His work in us.