Monday, November 21, 2011

Renew Their Strength


     This time last year I missed out on all but one of the fun holiday activities. I wasn't strong enough to go for long periods of time.  Over the past year, the Lord has renewed alot of my strength.  I am 'soaring on wings like an eagle' as I do my best to attend all the church events and fellowship with fellow believers.  Some people may take for granted the privilege of going to everything. As I look around this year, several friends of mine are struggling with health issues.  With so much to do and things to go to, its not the best time to be sick.  So speaking from experience to those of you not feeling up to snuff, put your hope in Him and you will get through this. Yes, it takes more patience than you think you have but He will give you all you need.  His grace is sufficient.