Friday, July 20, 2012

When It's All Been Said


     Well the other night, 5am, I woke up from a dream to find myself with unexplainable chest pain.  It felt like 20pounds of squeezing pressure all the way into my throat.  It was a short-lived but scary feeling.  It made me think of people who supposedly have died in their sleep but maybe they didn't and woke up like this before the end.
     It also makes me think of Don Moen's song, 'When It's All Been Said and Done.'  There are a couple of key lyrics. 'Did I do my best to live for truth, did I live my life for You?'  None of us are good or perfect but we can live a life of purpose with good news on our hearts and lips.  'Only what I've done for love's reward, will stand the test of time.'  God is interested in your heart, not your 401K portfolio.  These are the questions that really matter in the end and can give you peace to go on without fear.
     I think moments like these where you question if this is your time to go is a good pause time of reflection. Being calm in anxious moments can do more for you than most anything.  Your mind can easily turn worldly but keep your soul eternally driven.  Each of our days is fleeting by so make them count as you run your race of time.