Thursday, August 2, 2012



1. Evangelism at town square. Torben, Kevin and myself hope to begin evangelism at the town square on Friday nights, reaching out to the youth that are headed to the bars.

2. Discipleship with Torben. He has begun a Bible training study program which I am leading him through as we meet weekly. 
A few years back Sandra and I were placing Bibles in doctors'/dentists' waiting rooms, as well as other places of business where people would be looking for reading material while waiting on some service to be performed. I placed a Bible in a quick-change oil business where I was told it would probably not get read (as you can imagine there was other reading material competing for attention.) Some time last year Rosio picked up the Bible and read while waiting on her car to be serviced; before leaving she jotted down our phone number. Nearly a year passed before she finally made contact with us. She studied for the first time yesterday with Sandra.
1) Please pray that Rosio would turn to Christ for salvation.
2) That the Lord would give us a renewed zeal for evangelism.
Pray for the salvation of the many who receive our tracts each day.  Pray for eternal results from the distribution of the Unshackled CDs.

Pray for the salvation of numerous people studying the Bible each week with us or with one of the families in our church.
1.       Our troubles with the “owner” of the House of Hope land continues. The latest is that she made a report to the Social Development Department and had them come visit us. They came twice and they said “We would like to have more homes like you guys’ in our province!’ Not what she expected! Praise the Lord! We have since forwarded a letter to the Social Development Department explaining the spiteful agenda of Wandee Cheunchooprai and her handler, Greg Wineman. Please pray as we seriously pursue acquiring a new property to move to.

2.       Pray for Wandee Cheunchooprai, that she would desist from stirring up our children at the House of Hope. She is the former staff, under whose name the House of Hope land was bought. As the legal “owner” of the land she has been trying to exert undue influence over our kids. Some of the older ones have been reporting to her since it looks like she is trying to make their lives easier (no chores etc) and ours miserable. 6 kids have left because of her and we have had to fire Namatha’s sister (the cook) and her husband, who has been doing Wandee’s dirty work and stirring up discontentment among the kids. Pray for the rest of staff to keep our eyes on the Lord and to walk in unity through the upheavals

Worth the Trouble

Delightfully difficult

     Have you ever used the phrase, 'It's just not worth the trouble.'  Do we think first about how much it's going to take on our part to do something or do we think more about how much of a benefit it's going to be?
     Well when I think about the trouble I am, I hope that the caption above will be thought of.  Delightfully difficult is a good description of me, in that there will be adjustments needed when doing events with me.  I've known Charlene for over 10 years now and we have had our moments of difficulty, like machine breakdowns, and yet she still thinks I'm worth the trouble.
     On the other hand, I might be described as 'delightfully difficult' when I want things my way.  What I want  done may not be an easy task but being patient for it to happen can be more beneficial than harping on it.  I guess you might say the difficult will be accomplished faster, the more delightful you are.
     So when we think of helping someone as too much trouble, the verse 'Love thy brother as thyself' should remind us that we are all trouble and yet all worth it.  Cornerstone Bible Fellowship is doing 'Be the Church' this Sunday, where the members do something for others in the community that day.  Is it more trouble than just going to the church service for the day?  Yes.  Will it be a benefit and witness to others?  Yes.  Will it be worth the trouble? Yes.

Help me Lord, to notice
The hurting, sick, and lost;
Guide me as I help them
Regardless of the cost. —Schuldt