Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Tomlin Concert

     What an awesome night we had. Everything of the night just went perfectly. It began with great parking just across the street. The concert was sold out and began on time. The first song was 'Our God is Greater.' Chris sang about an hour then the female, Kristy Nichols sp?, sang 2 songs. Then there was a speaker talking about how all of God's creations from stars to whales create a symphony of song to sing praise to God. Then Chris sang another hour or more. Sometime during the concert, a guy came up to us and asked if we'd like to meet Chris after the show. YESSSSSS. I prayed that I wouldn't have to cough and miss this opportunity. I'd never been backstage before. It was cool and he was nice. We were gone 4 1/2 hrs this night and it couldn't have been better. 'Our God is an Awesome God'