Friday, September 20, 2013

The Sheep in Us All


    Yes, when you look at the sheep in the caption above, you should see yourself.  How is that?  The Bible has many references to sheep because of how we need to be led by our Shepherd.  Sheep are dumb, directionless and defenseless.
    We are dumb when we try to do things our way based on our own thinking.  The Bible clearly states 'do not lean on your own understanding.' Psalm 94:8  ''Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?'''
    'So many men and women go through life without any real sense of direction, void of any perceived purpose. Many simply exist and have never learned how to live because, like sheep, they have no sense of direction in life.'
    We are defenseless but we don't grasp the reality until we are truly humbled.  Only when we are broken and God is all we have is when we realize we have all we need.
    'There is no clearer explanation of what transpired on the cross of Calvary than in these words of Isaiah 53:6. On the cross the Lord Jesus took our sin in His own body, bearing the wrath of God’s punishment that we deserved. He suffered the hurt, the humiliation of our sin, the agony and the death we deserved to die. He died our death so that we could live His life. He took our sin so that we could take His righteousness. Not only was His death on the cross voluntary, but it was vicarious. He died in my place and yours. What a Savior!' []