Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Quieter


     Well this caption is true for me and my voice.  People often say to me when they come to my place, 'I can hear you so much better here.'  I tell them, it's because it is quieter here.  There are no distractions or background noise.
      I think this is true also for hearing God's word speak to us.  Devotional time is our quiet time with Him.  A time to shut the world out and meditate on His voice.  I know I need total silence and no distractions during my bible reading.  Otherwise, I read it without comprehension.  We also need to shut out our own mindful thoughts to truly hear Him.  I don't know if the monks vow of silence really works because no one knows but God how quiet their minds are.
      May we use our ears twice as much as our mouths, as that was the ratio given to us.