Monday, February 11, 2013

To Do List

     I think a good way to start off a new week is to have a plan or a to-do list.  It organizes our thoughts, sets our priorities and helps motivate us to get those things done.
    What if we remembered the above caption as an every day list?  I think our days would go alot smoother and definitely less stressful.

    Blessings are provided to us each and every day.  Shouldn't we recognize them with a grateful heart and not with an entitled heart?
    Kindness should be shown more than it is deserved.  God's compassion is our best role model to follow because the world is often not fair or kind.
    Control is not ours to claim.  We never had it nor will we ever.  Let the urge to control go and you'll enjoy a peace that comforts.
    A believer's heart is guided by the Holy Spirit so listen carefully.
    Your degree of productivity should be measured more by the quality of how you did it than how much you did.  'Do all things as if doing them for the Lord.'
     Breathe.........your breath rate can tell you if you need to slow down or calm down.  In any stressful situation, the first advice you'll get is 'just breathe.'

    What's on your to-do list for today?  We will get done what is important to us.