Monday, November 7, 2011

Canton Nov 2011

 We left for Canton, TX on Thursday, Nov 3rd.  The whole town turns into a flea market, with new and old stuff, the weekend before the first Monday of each month. We got there about 830pm.
Friday started out kinda cold so we went to the indoor mall first. 300 vendors there with booths. We ran into the lady who made my bench several years ago. She wasnt here on our last visit and this was her last show to sell at. I wish I had taken a picture with her. She is going to paint 4 new scenes for my bench by early spring.
Friday afternoon we went to the main area with long metal buildings filled with vendors. We brought my new machine so that when I got tired, I could get some air. Well when that time came, my mask broke.  aghhh.  I had a spare in the van so no harm. The crowds weren't too bad Friday.  We ate at dinner at our usual mexican restaurant, ice cream.
Saturday, oh my gosh, was a mad house. We estimated at least 100,000 people were there. They say the economy is bad? not in Canton.  Jack went with us Sat afternoon. He thought everyone was his best friend, including this one dog, a bull mastiff, that wanted to eat him in one  The traffic picture below is us trying to go about 3 miles back to the rv..took over an hour. For die hard shoppers, its worth  Needless to say, we ate in and watched the LSU/AL game. My dad came down with a cold this night too.
Sunday, we thought we were doing good to be ready by 1020am... wait its 920am? Thanks  When do you know its time to go home?  The owner at the last store stopped my dad and I at the door and said 'no wheelchairs allowed.'  Seriously?  I'm not sure thats legal but we left it at that and walked away.  If you go to Canton, boycott Laurie Annas... just my lil free advertising
We got home about 8pm Sunday night...whooped. It was a great trip that I've waited over a year for. Christmas shopping mostly done plus a few goodies for
Sincerely,  Canton Junkie