Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who Listens?

   Who hasn't felt like the yellow traffic light?  Kids are not alone in this, as adults also feel unheard in the workplace, the home, or even in church matters.  It is good to give advice as a warning but you are only responsible for what you say, not what they hear.  Selective hearing is a form of ignoring the precautious warning.  Just like the yellow light cautions us, we can choose to slow down and heed the danger or we can speed right thru the warning and risk the consequences.
   The Bible is our traffic light to life.  It tells us what we need to STOP doing.  It CAUTIONS us with the consequences to our sinful actions and thoughts.  It also tells us what to GO and do unto others and how to glorify God.
   Is God saying you never listen to Him?  Are you ignoring Him and paying the consequences?  I urge you to screech to a halt and stop living a life for yourself and go live a life that glorifies your Creator.