Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Watch Out

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    Instead of  ''Houston, we have a problem,'' I have to say ''NLR, we have a problem.''  Yes, its that serious.  3 Flamingos on JFK has closed its doors without warning. The tables and machines are all gone, you can see if you peek in the window. I would have stocked up if I'd had any notice at all.  My favorite is birthday cake yogurt with spiced apple running at a close second.  Yes, I've tried a few other yogurt shops but none compares to 3 Flamingos. [I could break out in song with 'nothing compares to you' by sinead o' I won't.]  Not knowing if they're moving or totally calling it quits is the hard part.  I can be patient if I know how long it'll be.
    Isn't that how our patience usually is? We want a timeline for everything. We can estimate how long something will usually take but go beyond that and we're ready to swing a bat at somebody.  My doctor's office has a sign 'Patients please have patience.'  As we wait without knowing, help us to know and remember God's timing is perfect in all things.

FBF Prayer Requests for December

FBF Missionary Prayer Requests for December

Bobby and Namatha Avilez

1.       Pray for the preparations for our Christmas Outreach on December 23rd. We usually have around 400 people. Pray that the Gospel Message will be presented clearly and boldly!
2.       Pray that, whether it’s House of Hope staff or House of Hope children, the glory of God would be the motivation for whatever we do.

Phillip and Sandra Prime

1. Please continue to pray for Juan and Karina. They have been very faithful to all the church events. It seems that they are truly hungry for the Word. Pray for their salvation.
2. Please pray for the monthly hospital outreach. Many are attending and putting into practice what we are learning in our evangelistic class: The Way of the Master.

Bill and Treva Turpin-- Bethany Farm Camp and Retreat Center here in SW Iowa has several needs:
to finish siding and roofing the new boy's bunkhouse before the snow flies
Bible studies and 1 on 1 discipleship for our many new believers, both youth and adults
to begin a new Christ-centered Grief Share program here at Bethany
Ted and Priscilla Clark

We will be putting on our Christmas presentation at the camp for large crowds these two middle weekends in December.  Please pray with us for many unsaved people, whose hearts the Lord has prepared, to attend the presentations.

Please continue to pray that the Lord would give great wisdom to the authorities in this country, who are trying to combat the violence.  Pray for an increased ability in authorities at all levels to resist corruption, to be courageous, and to have a zeal for justice.  Pray that the Lord would powerfully intervene to thwart and confuse and frustrate the plans of evil men.  Pray for the Lord’s powerful protection upon us and other missionaries across the country.

Martin and Hansy Tuohy

1. More steady job situation come January. We'll need the extra income then and working as a sub trashman may not be enough.
2. Evangelistic efforts (passed out the movie "180" in the neighborhood, waiting for response)

Monica Sernatinger

Juanita. She is teaching three different evangelistic Bible studies to her relatives, and a bible study for young women to three teenage girls, and several young married women. Please pray for wisdom for her and perseverance from these precious ladies.
Coral, a divorced young mother of one, has gotten engaged to a non-believer. As a church, we have been encouraging her to leave this relationship. Please, pray for her repentance. Also, please pray for Luz and Chalio, that they would return to Christ. Lately they have been showing interest in Him.
Leslie Wolfe
It’s true that a new chief was appointed, but it’s believed that another elder is actually the one in charge and/or calling the shots.  The 6 elders (who are all from the same clan) are divided (fractured would be a better word), and it’s interesting where the divide (fracture) comes --- 3 are ‘church people’ and 3 are animists.  Two of the ‘church people’ are same ma/pa brothers and are united, and the 3 animists (who include the new chief and the one really in power) are together, and the odd man out, who is also a church person, is B.K., who says that he’s not taken up sides.  Last week under the cover of darkness I was advised by a ‘son’ of mine (whose father is the supposed one in charge) to remember that I am a foreigner here (anyone living in the village who is not Glaro is a foreigner) and that as a foreigner and a woman I should keep my mouth shut (not that I’ve ever played a role in village decision making!!!).  I was also told that the former chief, who died in September, had planned (boasted?) to oust me from the village when I returned.  Well, he’s dead, and my ‘son’ told me that no one else among the elders is my ‘enemy’ and wants me to leave.  So, it’s life as usual, kind of, here in the village!   So…
1)      Pray for me as I just go about my work on a daily basis; and as I’ve been reading in Psalms, trusting in and praising the Lord as I do, while living uprightly and doing good to all. 
2)      Pray that the division among the elders, who are all closely related and family, will be healed so that they will be reconciled and able to govern the village with wisdom and unity.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glow Worms

i giggled.

     We all know a few glow worms.  They jump out of bed all perky and raring to go on any given day. That is NOT me. Its wishful thinking but don't hold your breath. I need time and after 10am is  Even tho I drove like a wild woman to get to work, I did enjoy that 20min to myself to get my mood and self together.  Some people need a cup of coffee before they can face the world. A friend of mine's mother used to always wake her up in a Mary Poppins kind of voice with ''good morning, good morning, good morning to you.''  My friend asked ''why is it good? just say morning.''  I second that..ha.
     If we can't glow at all hours, we should at least glow as much as we can.  Another friend always starts his prayers off with ''thank you Lord, for another day of life.''  I bet that's how glow worms start their days.. with a grateful heart.

Monday, November 28, 2011


     I often wear my air mask in the car. I'll see something funny but it has passed by before I can share it with anyone.  This happened Fri night on the way to IHOP at  Have you seen the billboard on 67/167 for Panera Bread?  It advertises their chicken stew with a DRY biscuit?  Seriously, a dry biscuit is not going to lure me in. I think even I can make one of those.  I just laughed to myself as we drove by.
     The mask gives me alot of alone time to think.  It is good to recall different memories just for yourself.   I don't think we stop and remember enough of our lives. We are so busy planning for tomorrow that we get lost in it and dont appreciate our yesterdays.  ''Its not the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away.''

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Life

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     This blog is dedicated to my friend's younger brother, Weldon Lewis IV, aka Jr.  He fought a hard battle for over 12yrs after a car accident but went to be with the Lord on Nov 24th at age 35.  Jr. was always a kind, friendly, outgoing, smart young man. I can remember him and his sister trying to teach me how to  throw the basketball 'granny style' in front of their house. Jr seemed to always be surrounded by friends whether playing video games or just hanging out.  He will truly be missed by his family and friends.  As the caption tries to describe tho, he is now enjoying a world like never before in a new body with Christ. How wonderful for him to do all that he wants to now. We will never meet this side of heaven but we can meet him someday on that beautiful shore.  Until then, we can be thankful for the time we shared and cherish those memories.  May Jr's life and death create a closer relationship with you and the Lord.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Midnight Shopping

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     So my dad took me to Kohl's at midnight for some crazy shopping.  You wouldn't believe how many people there were out there in that 40 degree weather.  My dad asked me before we even parked on the outskirts of the lot, if I still wanted to go. YES.  I figured by the time we parked and got out, that the line would be gone and everyone in the store. Wrong, two lines with only one moving.  Let me stop here and preface this by saying.. I know Ive spoke of putting others first but in crowds like these, you're on your own  Actually I was on the receiving end of that kind of grace. A lady and a family in front of her told us we could go in with them, even after the cop told me to go to the end of the line.  So I was happy to join their group.  We went in and shopped about an hour.  As I was trying to look near the petite section, there were all these people standing there. I asked, 'what are they doing?'  It was the line to checkout all the way back there.  I just kept shopping till I inadvertanly wound up back in the front of the store.  Well, much to my surprise I saw a checkout register with only two people that were together standing at it . How cool is that? So I got right up there. I thought she must have just opened the register or those people in that long line are just following the crowd and not looking. I just chalked it up as a blessing because I was running out of air.  After I checked out, my dad said 'you know you cut in line just then.'  What?  He said there was a worker directing people from that long line into the four registers. Well, I never saw them.  There is an advantage to a scooter with a low vantage  Well I didn't buy the store out but it was fun shopping with a couple of bonuses that made it faster and easier. 
     If you're wondering if I went shopping on Black Friday during the day, no I didn't.  Think I'm crazy?  lol I'm waiting for Cyber Monday........haha.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Peanuts: Happy Thanksgiving

My top 10 reasons to be thankful...........

1.  For my Savior who is always there for me in every way every day.
2.  For my mom and dad
3.  For all my friends
4.  For Tiger, Tux, and Jack
5.  For the past year of renewed strength and testing of faith and trust
6.  For the promises and hope that lies ahead
7.  For the past which is what made me who I am today
8.  For each answered prayer
9.  For living in a country that is free
10.  For each new day that is granted, healthy or sick, to blog about how God is using me for His glory.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



     Okay let's face it, this is what most of us are going to look like or at least feel like tomorrow.  There is more food left but you're jam packed.  How blessed are we to have a kitchen full of food at our fingertips. After going to two grocery stores looking for a young chicken fryer and finding them both sold out, I wondered if more families were having chicken instead of turkey this year?  With the cost of Thanksgiving dinner in all aspects going up and the number of people without jobs, it could be.  People want to preserve the holiday tradition but must adapt within their budget. That's okay, its not about 'what' you're eating but who and what you have to be thankful for. The Compassion Center is feeding the homeless and needy all weekend at the fairgrounds. I'm sure with the economy the way it is, there will be more people there seeking a hot meal to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The location that you stop and acknowledge what you're grateful for is also unimportant. God looks at our hearts not at the fluff.
     Whatever you're having and wherever you're at, give thanks to The One who provides for all your needs.  We have much to be grateful for.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who's There?

    Last night on the news, they had a segment on whether your dog would really react and protect your property against a burglar.  The conclusion was that most family dogs don't have the fighting disposition but that their bark is usually enough to scare off a prowler.
    This reminded me of the time we took Girlfriend to see my grandmother at the nursing home. The door to her room was shut as we were visiting and there was a knock at the door. Girlfriend barked, pretty loud I must  We opened the door and no one was there?  When we started to leave, an aide said someone had told her we had a big dog. She said 'where is it?'  We pointed to 5 pound Girlfriend in my dad's arms.  ''That's the big dog?''  She laughed and said well she sure scared the other aide.
     Another time David and I took Girlfriend to see his mother in the nursing home. David told Girlfriend she had to be quiet before we went in.  While we were there, she needed to go out.  She made the softest, lil bark you've ever heard. We thought it was pretty cute.
     We can learn a lesson from Girlfriend. There's a time to bark loud and a time to bark soft.  Our bark is controllable, if we want to.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Renew Their Strength


     This time last year I missed out on all but one of the fun holiday activities. I wasn't strong enough to go for long periods of time.  Over the past year, the Lord has renewed alot of my strength.  I am 'soaring on wings like an eagle' as I do my best to attend all the church events and fellowship with fellow believers.  Some people may take for granted the privilege of going to everything. As I look around this year, several friends of mine are struggling with health issues.  With so much to do and things to go to, its not the best time to be sick.  So speaking from experience to those of you not feeling up to snuff, put your hope in Him and you will get through this. Yes, it takes more patience than you think you have but He will give you all you need.  His grace is sufficient.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Thinkin'

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     To me this squirrel looks like he's thinking. ''Now where, oh where, did I store those nuts for this winter?''  I often hide presents during the year and then when the occasion for it arrives, I've forgotten not only where I put it but the gift itself. I found a birthday gift just the other day that will now be a Christmas
     Have you ever gone to the store to find and replace your favorite lipstick or hair color and they no longer have it?  Yea, the company has now come up with the 'new and improved' version.  It's never the same.  I think they do this so you have to buy more than one to find the closest match.  I found out the other day, the company that makes my breathing mask is discontinuing it...aghhh!  I've tried umpteen number of masks and this is 'the only' one that comfortably fits my face and doesn't leak too bad.  So do I trust that God will provide for what I truly need?  Yes!  How has it been proven to me already?  My local medical supplier has stock piled a two year supply of masks and parts for me. The respiratory therapist even said they have a shelf saying 'Do not touch. For Angie Bridger.'  ha
    Whatever you need in your life, God will provide.  You may not know ahead of time, like I did in this case, but that's where trust in Him comes in.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Being There

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    If you could see the future but still be in the present, would you want to?  It's a tough question. I think we'd wanna see the good but not necessarily the bad.  Doctor's offices can often be the setting for this dilemna.  Alot of people avoid the doctor entirely just to avoid knowing anything. Just come what may.
    Friends of mine recently got an unwanted glimpse of what's to come. Its scary and overwhelming. Knowing though can help you prepare and handle things better.  It can also help you know if there is anything to delay or improve matters.  No matter what comes their way, their trust is in the Lord and their hope is in Him.
     It is comforting tho to have a friend just to be there by your side. Whether you talk or not, the presence of someone lets you know they're available to your needs.  There's no friend like Jesus, but we can be a comforting friend in our own way.

Thursday, November 17, 2011



     Okay, so with all the heavy rain we had earlier this week and more to come next week, I thought I'd share a little memory.  We lived in Stuttgart, AR when I was in 2nd thru 4th grade. My elementary school was across the street from our house and my dad's office was diagonal to our house.  I was a latch-key kid part of that time after school.  Well one day that was a gully washer, I either forgot my key or lost it but I was locked out.  My 50 pound, soaking wet self decided to walk to my dad's office.  The rain was coming down in sheets and the wind was so hard, it turned my umbrella wrong side out. [I knew exactly how Dorothy of The Wiz of Oz felt.] I kept truckin' along.  About 3/4th's of the way there, a UPS man stopped to offer me a ride.  I knew better than to take a ride from a stranger, even tho I was pretty desperate. I said, 'no, I'm just going right there', as I pointed to the office.  He was nice and walked with me there to make sure I made it safely.
    Desperation can make us question what we know is the right thing to do.  Don't fall for it.  Whether it takes extra patience in waiting or a lil more effort on your part, don't risk danger by taking the easy route. Follow your gut and do what's right.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Others First

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     Putting the needs of others before our own is a way of showing grace and kindness. It will make you feel good too.  I visited a friend yesterday who recently had a baby and has been cooped up for a while.  I certainly know how that feels,[the cooped up], and the good feeling that a little company brings.  Yes, it was pouring down with rain yesterday and her house is not the easiest to get into for me.  I gladly did it for her and the rewards for me were joy-filled.
     If you question doing something for someone that may take a lil extra effort, ask yourself  'would you want them to do it for you?'  Giving someone a ride, giving to the love offering, or visiting someone in the nursing home are just a few examples of doing your part to sacrifice a little of you for someone else.
    The ultimate grace was shown to us when God sent His Son to save us from sin.  If we truly want to be like Him, then we will think and act with grace by putting others before ourselves.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Stuck, Now What?

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     Have you ever gotten yourself stuck and had to wait for help?  It's an uncomfortable place to be in.  We are so used to being independent of help from others. 'Need some help? No, I got it.'  Pride is often a barrier to our acceptance of help. If someone is kind enough to offer help, shouldn't you be gracious enough to accept it?
     One time when I lived in the duplex in Springfield, I let my dog out without a leash. She went where I couldn't see her so I got off the sidewalk onto the grass.  It was cold with a little snow on the ground.  I called Brandi to come on and then realized my scooter was now stuck.  Brandi kept peaking out the door as if to say 'aren't you coming?'  So there I sat, cold without a coat. Pray and wait were my only options. My prayer was answered rather quickly when a neighbor came home and pushed my scooter out of the mud.
     They say ''when all you have left is God, you realize thats enough.''  Ask and you will receive, if its His will.  How many ways does God have to tell us that He is there for us, on our side and able to provide for all our needs. We have to talk with Him daily tho.  Prayer is our life line for help in all areas of our lives, not just when we're stuck.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Difference

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     Sure I like to have things but I could do without them if I had to.  I think of people who will stand in line for hours in inclement weather for the newest iPhone but would they help out someone in need for thirty minutes? I'll let them answer that.  Some try to show their love to others by buying them things but their time spent with them would mean so much more.
     Some people will pretend to love you, just to use your things. It's important to share what God has blessed us each with but time will show you if you're being used.  Friendship is a two-way street, not one-way.
    Black Friday is coming up next week and I'm all for shopping for bargains. Just remember to show people they are loved with more ways than purchased things. Time can't be packaged or bought, yet its more valuable than gold.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Look Further


     This caption makes me think of my friend, Lesley.  She is literally across the ocean serving as a missionary.  As do all missionaries, she has family and friends at home that she loves and misses.  She gives up the common everyday conveniences of the modern world. She faces danger in a country with an unstable government.  These are all reasons that could hold her back from her calling but it doesn't.  Why?  She faces the unknown with courage because she realizes the importance of spreading God's word.  Her translation work of the Bible reaches a people group, the Glaro, that would otherwise be untouched by the Word, but instead left to witchcraft.
     You too can reach your goals and fullfil your purpose, if you don't let things or fears hold you back.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Star Is Born?

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     I love Molly Shannon's character, Mary Katherine on SNL, to say 'Superstar'
    Most kids like to dress up and pretend to be a 'Superstar.' The attention, the glamour and attempted talent is fun.  It makes you feel bigger than you think you are.
     When I was 4, we went to a music show up in Mountain View.  Near the end of the show, they asked if anyone in the audience wanted to come up on stage. I asked if I could and my parents said yes.  They say I got a lil shy after I got up there.  After the show, my dad had to go looking for me.  He found me backstage walking up and down the hall. 'What are you doing,' he asked.  'I'm looking for my dressing room!'
    Often kids will dress up as their role models...teacher, parent, etc.  Be the role model that you'd like to see imitated by your kid.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just a Sip?

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     We all like to sample new things.  You can even make a meal off free samples at Sam's Club on the weekend.  Just try and you'll buy it. Its a gimmick thats proven to work.
     The devil can also deceive us into thinking we can try things just once, just ask Eve.  Drug addiction comes first to my mind on this because so many addicts claim, they just wanted to try it once. Just a sip, just a taste, just a puff is all it took to ruin so many lives.  There are countless sins to avoid because our sinful minds will start to justify why one more time will be okay.  We lose our sensitivity to the moral ground we once believed in and fall into darkness.  Nancy Reagan's 'Just Say No' campaign in the 80's may seem simple but it really is the bottom line.  Temptation will move on to somewhere else when confronted with a non-wavering NO.
     Take a gulp of the good life and pass on the sip of sin.  Let your 'no' mean 'no', even to a sip.

Ephesians 4;19-21 ''Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, and they are full of greed.  That, however, is not the way of life you learned when you heard about Christ and were taught in him in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus.''

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Look

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     Okay, apparently some of you out there gave me 'the look' thru your computer screens over yesterday's blog. That's okay.  If you know me very well, then you've probably been on the receiving end of 'the look' from me at some  Since my voice is soft, sometimes the opportunity isn't right to say what I want.  Other times, I just know nothing good is going to come from my mouth so I keep it shut.  There are also times when no words are needed.  These are all scenarios when 'the look' might pop out.
     I'll give a couple of  I have an automatic bed and it broke a few months ago.  My dad said he'd fix it one day when I was upstairs taking a shower. Time passed till one day as I was going upstairs, I caught him in the driveway with a toolbox.  I asked, in a leading the witness kinda way, what are you going to work on? His trailer lights. Without a word spoken, I gave 'the look'. My eyes told and his eyes heard everything.  My bed has worked ever since I got back from that shower.
     One day, Charlene and I were out and she needed to run into the neighborhood market. I was going to wait for her in the van. I told her I was fine and there was no need to lock the van but she insisted.  When she came back, the remote wouldn't unlock the doors.  'The look' said with a panic, 'now I'm trapped.'  After a few more tries with the remote, she realized the old fashioned way would work.. the key.  lol. You might laugh but I didn't think of it either.
     We must be careful to watch what are eyes convey to others. Our thoughts can be boldly spoken by rolling our eyes or softly given by a subtle glance. Sometimes we aren't even aware our eyes are saying anything but they do.  Connie, who I worked with, could always tell if I didn't feel well. She'd say, I can see it in your eyes.
     Some times I need to close my mouth AND close my

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Ate Too Much

Thin Mints...

     How many times have you felt like this fat cat?  I can definetely over indulge in a few things like guacamole and frozen yogurt.  The miserable feeling after we've crossed the line is certainly not pleasurable or worth it.  So why do we do it?  Boredom, not wanting to waste it, lack of self control, or because you're a member of the clean plate club. We used to go out for lunch on Saturdays with the plan to grocery shop afterwards.  I can't tell you how many times, we got so full that groceries were postponed to another day...ha.
     We must remember our bodies are a gift and a temple, not our own. Respecting our bodies with ample nourishment will make us feel better overall.

Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit

Monday, November 7, 2011

Canton Nov 2011

 We left for Canton, TX on Thursday, Nov 3rd.  The whole town turns into a flea market, with new and old stuff, the weekend before the first Monday of each month. We got there about 830pm.
Friday started out kinda cold so we went to the indoor mall first. 300 vendors there with booths. We ran into the lady who made my bench several years ago. She wasnt here on our last visit and this was her last show to sell at. I wish I had taken a picture with her. She is going to paint 4 new scenes for my bench by early spring.
Friday afternoon we went to the main area with long metal buildings filled with vendors. We brought my new machine so that when I got tired, I could get some air. Well when that time came, my mask broke.  aghhh.  I had a spare in the van so no harm. The crowds weren't too bad Friday.  We ate at dinner at our usual mexican restaurant, ice cream.
Saturday, oh my gosh, was a mad house. We estimated at least 100,000 people were there. They say the economy is bad? not in Canton.  Jack went with us Sat afternoon. He thought everyone was his best friend, including this one dog, a bull mastiff, that wanted to eat him in one  The traffic picture below is us trying to go about 3 miles back to the rv..took over an hour. For die hard shoppers, its worth  Needless to say, we ate in and watched the LSU/AL game. My dad came down with a cold this night too.
Sunday, we thought we were doing good to be ready by 1020am... wait its 920am? Thanks  When do you know its time to go home?  The owner at the last store stopped my dad and I at the door and said 'no wheelchairs allowed.'  Seriously?  I'm not sure thats legal but we left it at that and walked away.  If you go to Canton, boycott Laurie Annas... just my lil free advertising
We got home about 8pm Sunday night...whooped. It was a great trip that I've waited over a year for. Christmas shopping mostly done plus a few goodies for
Sincerely,  Canton Junkie

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Did You Hear?

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     When you hear of someone losing their job or being stricken by illness, do you start a gossip chain or a prayer chain?  The best way to help them is to pray for them, not talk about them.  Its easy to talk about why it happened and what should be done from our feeble viewpoints. Oh but little do we know about the big picture.  Petitioning the burdens of others to God is the best use of your mouth.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Outfit Choices

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    Is it Murphy's law that if you wear a sloppy outfit, then you'll have more run-ins with people you know? I think its true. We all consider what we think the day has in store for us when we choose our clothes for the day. I think if you wear something you like then it will show thru in your mood and attitude.  Maybe I'm just showing my vain side but its important to care how you look.

It's Not Ours to Decide

The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, but the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness. —Proverbs 15:2
     Well I sometimes watch The Dr. Oz show, if the topic interests me. Yesterday's show was on whether doctor assisted suicide should be legal or not.  I won't beat around the bush as to what my opinion is.  I believe its wrong and the most selfish act one can commit on earth.  I only watched part of the show, which did give both sides, but I get fed up with people being the devil's advocate. No one chooses to be born, God gave you life, so its not your right to end it.  Montel Williams was a guest on the show and told how he fell, on purpose, in front of a cab to try to end his life. The cab stopped in time but how guilt stricken would that cab driver been if he couldn't have stopped. Selfish. Another guest, who was completely disabled, talked of the life she used to have and the one she didn't have now. Yet what she was blessed with, two grown children, she was willing to depart from at her own choice. Selfish. One last guest that I'll mention was a completely disabled man who had thought about suicide but realized how much life had to offer, just in a more confined way of existence.
     Last year towards the end of my hospital stay, my doctor talked to me about hospice. I was totally shocked to say the least. Hospice, in my mind, was for patients that medicine could no longer help. Here I was giving my all, plus more and I'm supposed to agree to surrender? I told him the next day that to agree to hospice was like suicide to me. I was not ready to give up and there was still fight left in me.  The 'H' word has never been brought up again.  [I know hospice is a needed resource for many in desperate, end of life situations].
     There is always hope so don't give in to bad circumstances.  None of us can have the life and abilities of the past because whether its illness or age, we all slow down. Don't throw in the towel, just shake it off and use what ya got.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Prayer Requests

The following are prayer requests from FBF missionaries. Please join me in praying for them.

Lesley Wolfe
--- Introducing Guy and Keyla Burkhead, who are seriously considering joining
the Glaro team!  They will be finishing their training with New Tribes
Mission in December, and after a year of deputation will be ready to head to
'the field'.  Of course, the Speitelsbachs and I are praying that they will
join our team and work with Aaron and Amy in Freetown, Liberia.  Please join
us in praying for God's clear direction in Guy and Keyla's lives.

---My current co-workers, Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach, will be returning to
Liberia on November 13th.  After a brief time in Monrovia, they will make
the 20-hour trip to the Glaro village of Freetown, in southeastern Liberia,
where they will settle in once again to village life and then get back to
the task of studying the Glaro language and culture.

--- I hope to be back in the village by Thanksgiving day, and once the solar
 panels have been replaced on the roof of my office and my power producing
 gadgets are all hooked up, I'll be back to translating, focusing on the book of
 Matthew these next few months.

---The village chief in Beoue died in mid-September and a new chief has yet to be
appointed by the Glaro elders from among themselves.  Please pray that God
will direct their choosing of the new village chief, and that he will desire
to do good for the village and all of us living there.

Phillip Prime and Family
Please pray that the Lord would use The Way of the Master evangelism course to help our church better share Christ and have a renewed compassion for the lost.
Please pray for the salvation of Juan and Karina. They live across the street from where our church meets on Sundays and have shown an interest in spiritual things.

Lord willing we will be heading to family camp in a few weeks with the bookmobile. We would like to praise the Lord for His provision of new tires for the    Bookmobile!

Martin Tuohy and Family
1. Continue to wait on the Lord for peace and clarity as to if He wants us to serve in Puruandiro, MX or stay in Denmark.
2. Wisdom and discipline to take full advantage of the current ministry here while we wait. Teaching and evangelism.

Bobby and Namatha Avilez
1.        Pray for  adjustment to culture and language for new staff, The Kents, as they settle into their new ministry roles!
2.       Pray for a great start to the second semester

Ted and Priscilla Clark

We really need prayer at this time for wisdom in planning our upcoming Christmas outreach.  It is always a huge undertaking, but we continue to feel that it is worthwhile, as we have seen the Lord working through this event throughout the years. How we need the Lord’s thoughts to put together a program that would glorify Him, present His message as clearly as possible, and be a delight for the listeners at the same time as it is used to convict them of their sin and need for Christ.

We will be hosting our very large Family camp, followed by our large missionary gathering for Thanksgiving.  Please pray for the Lord’s merciful protection over many who will be traveling in for these occasions.  A couple of families will be traveling 10 hours or so from Northern Mexico, and many families from surrounding cities.We are so grateful for the wonderful speakers the Lord has provided for this camp.  Pray for great wisdom for them in presenting these truths from Scripture, which could make all the difference for these families.  Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to accompany the teachings and reception in the hearts of the people.