Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's a God Thing

     When we are in need, it takes both God's timing and the willingness of other's hearts to fill in.  'It's a God thing' that both of these came in to play for me these past two weeks.  My helper, Karla, has had to be off to help her family during this time.  My care could have easily fallen all on my parents shoulders.  Since Charlene retired recently, she has been a big help and eased the burden.  Also my friend's sister, Tori, who is here for the summer has been helping out too.
     What some may call good timing or coincidence, I say it's a God thing.  'It’s one thing to worship and praise God at church; it’s quite another to move out into the real world and worship Him through daily obedience.'  These two ladies have put 'love one another' into action by their service in helping me.