Friday, June 8, 2012



      When I saw this caption, I felt like it was so me.  Often times I'm not in a position to have a conversation with someone even though I'd like to.  It might be too noisy, I might have my air mask on or the other person may always have trouble hearing me.  Regardless of the situation, I like to let the person know I see them and show a friendly gesture, like a smile and a wave.
      Sometimes people don't want to talk, they just want an acknowledgement of their presence.  Southerners have a knack for smiling and waving as we drive down the road.  Sometimes if I can't get my hand up in time or don't recognize the friend in time, I feel guilty and hope they don't think I was being rude.
      As a kid, I remember giving the big rig drivers the honking sign thru the car window.  They would often smile and wave at me before they blew their horn for me.  I think they got a kick out of it as much as I did.
      It doesn't take much to shine a little light into someone's path.  Just a smile and a wave can make someone's day.