Thursday, December 6, 2012


    Well Tigger is right about the ability to bounce back.  We have all been in a slump before from an illness, a discouraging time or even just a bad day.  We can't let a bad day make us think we have a bad life.  We have to bounce back even if we don't land on the target we aimed for.
    I feel like I'm still trying to bounce back from my 2010 hospital stay.  I've bounced further than others expectations but not my own.  I really want to land back in my old scooter but my new chair is where I've landed so far.. and thats a blessing too.
    Recovery from anything on any level is not an easy task.  'It'll be a long, hard road,' as my doctor said.  Even our national debt is an example of how low we can get.  How low can you go?  People can get so low as to think there is no hope.  There is always hope and God's grace is sufficient.  It may not get you all you want but it will meet all your needs.
    So put a spring in your spirit and keep moving forward.  Your bounce is what counts.