Monday, September 19, 2011

Its On Me

     Some friends of ours recently went to the Peabody Hotel's restaurant, Capriccio's, for their anniversary dinner. My dad brought up the memory of the time I took them there, back when it was the Excelsior Hotel, so I thought I'd share it with you.
     I'd say I was about 12, when I decided to take my parent's out for their anniversary. I had saved up money from selling vegetables on the side of the road in front of our house. I wanted to take them somewhere special and where they'd never been before. In the eyes of a 12 yr old, the Excelsior was a fancy and ooh la la place. We made reservations and went. I stuffed four 20 dollar bills in my pants. I was so excited and probably felt too big for my britches, lol. I told them to get anything they wanted, and don't just get a salad either, I had it covered. We had a great meal........until the bill came. My dad told the waiter to give it to me, not him. I reached in my pocket, NOTHING? the other pocket, NOTHING? Get up, look all around the table, NOTHING!!  I had lost my 80 bucks. Disappointment as my dad paid for the dinner is an understatement. We left our phone number with the restaurant in case they found it.  Yea right, how likely is that? Well, they called and had found four 20's in a wad. Amazing that they're are still honest people out there. Yes, I paid my dad back even tho he said I didn't have to. ''Yes I did, it was my treat and it's on me.''
     Generosity will last a lifetime especially if taught and shown by you at an early age. Giving to others is a great expression of joy with a priceless reward in return.