Sunday, February 17, 2013


Put hour heart into it

    I am reading a new book called 'The Almost Christian Discovered' by Matthew Mead from the 1600's.  It is as relevant now as way back then.  I've touched the topic of head knowledge recently but this book has a few ideas I'd like to share.
    Knowledge is two-fold, there is common knowledge and saving knowledge.  You can have knowledge without grace but not grace without knowledge.  What does that mean?  It means if your heart isn't in it and changed then the value of the knowledge is of little worth to you.  God may use it tho to benefit another person tho.  'Till the affections are made spiritual, there is no affection to things that are spiritual.'  It's just going through the motions.  It's like getting in a car, pushing the gas and turning the wheel but if you don't start the heart of the engine... you go nowhere.  'Saving knowledge joins affection and application.'
    'The preciousness of knowledge lies in its usefulness to the soul.'  The book uses Judas as an example.  All that he knew didn't affect his betraying heart. Take time to figure out where your heart is and then pursue the godly part into your life.