Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Prayer for All

            Sometimes when we just don't have the words to pray, we can use verses of prayer from the Bible.  I think this one from Romans 15;13 is a good one for everyone.  It covers our anxious thoughts and doubts with the fountain of hope.  It promotes the decrease of us with the increase of Him, thru more joy and peace in our lives. It is all a result of our trust in God alone that these peaceful things will abide in us.
            By believing and trusting in God's will, joy and peace are produced.  We pray that our hope and faith would be steadfast and strong despite whatever trials of strife that we go through.  The Holy Spirit is our guide and reassures us of our confidence in our Hope.
           This is my prayer for my friends that are believers and going thru a challenging time in their life.  May they see His faithfulness in the past and use those thoughts to trust Him more with their present and future days.