Thursday, April 12, 2012


Lord, may I be approachable and open to listening
to others’ questions. May I not feel threatened but
instead have confidence that You will give me wisdom
to know how to reply or where to find an answer.
from the daily bread

     We have all heard before that there are no stupid questions.  That is how we learn but are we open to questions ourselves?   Others may want to know what we think about certain things or just may be searching for a second opinion.  A friend of mine hesitantly asked me if she could ask me something.  Of course, I said.  It was a beautiful day and she asked, 'if you could do anything right now, what would you do?'  I said, swim or rollerskate.  People just want to understand how you handle difficulties and see what your uninhibited desires might be.  It is better to ask and find out than just assume what you think in your own mind.  Being open to questions should show your transparency.  Questions aren't intrusive but show an interest and provides information.
      Someday someone may ask you a very important question, 'in what and where do you find your hope?'  The Bible says we should always be ready to give our answer so that we may lead others to that hope, Jesus.
     May we all be an open door to others questions, it may lead far beyond your thoughts.