Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Way Back Wednesday.. Wild Side

     I think this is from Halloween 1983, my last year to go trick-or-treating.  This was my punk rock look with a trash bag as my dress [yes I had shorts on underneath it].  The spray painted hair and heavy makeup completed the look.
     Haven't we all wanted to take a walk on the wild side?  I think stepping out of character from our normal reserved self is fun once in a while.  It takes a little while for me to get up the nerve but I've always loved 'dress up.'  As the daughter of two CPA's, I don't drift that far to the wild side of life... but I try.
     I would definitely put more clothes on now than I did back then.  I'm much more modest now than then and that's a good thing.
     It can be fun to come out of your shell and have a little innocent fun.