Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's a God Thing

     During the summer months, kids enjoy a break from school.  Adults usually take a week or so in the summer for a vacation break from work.  Although I'm not quite feeling it today, I have enjoyed a break from coughing for over a month.  I believe 'it's a God thing.'  I've had friends suffering lately with colds, viruses, fever and rashes so I know I've been spared mercifully.
     So what is different when I'm on a cough break?  Less worry, more freedom and more energy. For example, I enjoyed 2 games of bowling yesterday, the rivermarket over the weekend, long visits with friends even in the heat, and eating out at further distances from home.
    Yes, the view from the mountain of joy is different from the valley of strife so this is my way of 'telling it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is Lord' and gets the credit.