Saturday, March 30, 2013

Teach Them


    It is up to you as parents to not only teach your kids about Christ but to show them how to live a life as a follower of Him.  They most likely won't learn it from school or television but will instead be shown a worldly, sin based lifestyle.  The liberal and atheist movement is in full force now but we must stand firm in God's way of living, not man's.  'Strive to be Biblically accurate, rather than politically correct.'
    Children are a reflection of us.  They are little repeaters and they will imitate what they see.  What is important to you, will plant a seed in them but you must cultivate it into their daily lives.
    We need to teach them church isn't a Sunday routine but it is something we apply into our everyday lives.  Build a foundation in them that will stand forever.  'On this Solid Rock I stand.'