Friday, June 7, 2013

Belong To

    The other day somebody wrote 'Nobody loves the boy no more.'  Well, that's not true and unhealthy thoughts like these can spur on a pity party for one's self.  We must remember not to put our ultimte trust, faith and hope in our fellow man.  It is guaranteed to fail.  Sometimes we all feel like an afterthought by someone or not as high on the priority list as we think we should be.
    Two lessons can be learned from this type of trial in our lives.  First, that it's not all about me/you.  Life is busy and it often comes in waves of feast or famine.  We have to roll with the flow and give people in our lives allowances for time on other things.  Secondly, it's a give and take relationship.  We must give of our time and ourselves and not just wait and take of others.  It's a two way street and if you just go your way then you'll end up at a distance from others.
    So that's the earthly take on it but your Heavenly Father loves you always, believes you're more important than the sparrows He cares for and secures an eternal future for His children.  If you belong to the flock, your Shepherd will take care of you forever.