Friday, September 30, 2011


     I'm not stressed today, I'm actually cool as a cucumber. I just liked this lil caption to inspire this blog. Stress is a powerful thing that can consume us and be a negative example to others. If left undealt with, our bodies can literally be destroyed by it. I worked with a lady who had terrible stress at home and I'm sure the cancer she developed and died from was a consequence of that stress. Stress can cause sleepless nights that often affects our mood and health the next day. Have you ever been a snappy turtle because of stress? Oh I have been. Stress is part of life, it will come, and we can't avoid it completely. So how should we handle or react to stress? First and foremost, stop and pray about it. If you seek wisdom, you'll get it. It sure beats running around in circles trying to resolve it your own way. Second, ask yourself  'am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?'  Is it really worth getting all worked up over or is it best to just let it go? Third, I'd suggest to talk it over...calmly. Cool down before you even attempt a discussion. Stress will digress when you press with less.  The world can be a stressful place but if we put stress in its place, we can live and react with grace and peace.