Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Way Back Wednesday--- Taking It With You

    A question often asked is 'if the house was on fire, what would you take?'  Well this is me at age 4, falling asleep with my do not forget box of cornflakes as I wait to go camping.  My thoughts were probably, 'I don't know where we are going but I will have something that I like to eat with me.'  At this age, I could fall asleep anywhere so a pillow or blanket was of no concern but food was high priority.
    Do you have prized possessions here on earth?  Is your wealth stored up without sharing it with those in need?  Whatever you have cannot be taken with you to heaven.  We can hold onto it tight but that does not lead to righteousness.  We are to share what we are blessed with and then we will be blessed as well.
   At age 4, I didn't know that God provides food for the sparrows and cares for me even more.  How little of the big picture do we see, when we try to take care of our needs ourselves.  Really, how long could a box of cereal last?
   So what should you pack for heaven?  A soul that loves God with all your heart and mind... that's enough.