Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Welcome Home, Dale

     Don't we all like to know we were missed while we were away?  Service members are often pulled away from their families and lives as part of their jobs and call to duty.  The fact that it is in the 'contract' doesn't make it any easier to be apart from loved ones.
    My friend, Dale, just returned today from a 5 month deployment overseas.  The Baker family, Karla, my mom, 5 co-workers, and his parents all met Dale at the airport.  I think Dale was a little surprised but totally appreciative of the support.
    As little MacKenzie held her sign as we waited, she said ''Where is he?  My arms are tired.''  She never let go of it and was the best lil sign holder there.  I know the 5 months were a long and tiring wait for Dale but I hope today's welcome home showed our appreciation for his service and sacrifice.