Saturday, October 29, 2011

Memory in the Making

     Our past is our own. We can share bits and pieces with others but nothing you say or show can really encapsulate all that it means to you. Its like sharing your favorite photo album, your enthusiasm will always be greater than whoever you're showing it to. This video by John Kilzer takes me back to the past, as do many songs for people. Its not good to live in the past tho because we must move forward and grow from our experiences.  There is a time and season for why and when things have happened in your life. Don't get stuck in the winter of your journey when spring has so much to offer.
     'Don't look back, you're not headed that way' is a quote from my friend, Twylia.  If we focus too much on what was then, our eyes won't see what's ahead or right in front of us. We wouldn't want amnesia because memories are part of who we are but we must not dwell there. Make the memories of today then move on to tomorrow.