Thursday, October 11, 2012

Too Small

     In this world, we can become overwhelmed and think what can I do that will really change anything?  Let me introduce you to a little fellow called the mosquito.  He is small but can kill you with malaria or west nile virus.  Or how often has a small baby's cry made a negative difference in your eating out experience?  We can swell up and look bad in front of others from both small sources.
     On the up side, how much does a dying plant perk up with just a little glass of water?  How much does one little compliment make your day seem special?  It doesn't take much to be an encouragement to a thirsty soul.
     When others see us and our actions, it leaves them with an impression--good or bad.  You are making a difference and it may seem small to you but big to others.  As we plant seeds of the Truth, we may not see it grow but it has to start somewhere so why not with you.