Monday, July 15, 2013

Gary Allan Concert

     When Magic Springs announced their concert series lineup this spring, I knew right off that I wanted to go see Gary Allan.  I saw that the date was in the middle of July so we waited until the last minute to buy tickets because who knew how the weather would be.  Well thanks to Karla we got discount tickets and the weather was predicted to be nice.
     The weather ended up being a perfect 78 average temperature and no mosquitos.  It was pretty crowded when we got there and we took the first open spot for our lawn chairs.  While looking for us, my dad found better seating for us in the non-smoking area.  So we had a great view to see the concert.
     Gary sang for 2 hours straight with no intermission.  He sang all my favorite songs including, 'Learning How to Bend.'  He sang a new one called 'Bones' that I totally love now too.  He ended with 'The Best I Ever Had' which I think refers to his late wife.
      He sang a fast song while Karla went to take a picture and she came back with a few dance moves in her step.  So I got in the spirit and did three fast spins in my chair.  It was fun and I'm sure people wondered how much we had had to drink.... none, for those with curious minds.
      A guy with a few beers in his system got chummy with my dad.  He said 'I love having a good time.'  It happened to be the same guy my mom reported earlier to security for smoking in the non-smoking
     As we left, Karla and I got t-shirts.  Then a couple approached us and offered me the guitar pick they had caught.  They already had one from a previous concert and thought I'd enjoy it more.  There are kind and generous people still out there in this dark world.
     As we drove back home, we were all hungry.  Who wants IHOP?  More like who doesn't?  We came to the first one, it was packed and short staffed.  The second was packed with I-30 speedway folks.  Finally, the third IHOP was packed with taekwondo people but we ate there anyway.
    We got home at 1:15am tired and full but we all had a good time and were glad we went.  The night was perfect in every way and I did remarkably well.  The Lord gave me a night with extra energy and no coughing spells.  I just say 'Thank You'