Monday, May 27, 2013

For REAL Entertaining

     Charlene and I went to Riverfest last night to see and hear our friends, REAL Entertaining, perform on the Yarnell's stage.  They did a great job and the rain didn't phase them at all.  Each of the girls play four different instruments each and like pros I must say.
     As I said, it did rain but we were able to seek shelter in a nearby tent.  We met some nice people under there and this Riverfest was the calmest I've ever been to.
    My dad provided us with his shuttle service to get there so we could avoid parking hassles.  As he dropped us off at 2nd and Scott streets, the parking attendant offered to let us park inside the blocked off perimeter.  How nice was that!  I kind of wish Riverfest was four days so I could go enjoy a little more of it.
    I guess this is a post in reverse format..... and that's that.