Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't Bite


     Hmm, this caption states a simple fact and yet it's so hard to follow.  Do you often see the dangling opportunity to say more than you should?  It is hard not to let it just pass by without just a little nibble.  Sometimes those nibbles lead us to running with the whole kit n kaboodle.
    Thinking about what we are going to say should come first, not second to saying it.  We do not have to share everything we think we know on a subject.  Choose what is pertinent, beneficial and to the point.
    I've often wondered how many times my soft voice or lack of breath has kept me from trouble.  It is probably too high to count, ha.  It does give me more pause before I speak because I consider whether it's worth it.
    Are you going to fall for the hook, line and sinker of destructive outbursts?  Is the bait of juicy gossip going to lure you in?  Instead, let life's current lead you to a feeding place of fellowship with others on the Daily Bread.