Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Way Back Wednesday-----Parasailing in Maui


      These are pictures from June 1994 in Maui.  My parents treated Marc and I to a 5 day all inclusive vacation to Maui.  Everyone should go to Hawaii at least once in their lifetime.
       We took 500 of our own money to pay for things we wanted to do while we were there.  I'd have to say this last full day of our vacation was one of the favorite days of my life.  We were in the hotel lobby and Marc said 'we can do anything you want today, it's your pick.'  Really, anything?  So I went over to the brochure case of activities and this brochure on parasailing caught my eye.  I hesitated because I knew Marc was not a fan of heights but he did say anything.  I took it over to him and he said okay without any fuss.
       We found the boat down by the ocean's marina area.  As we got out on the water, the butterflies in my stomach came alive.  There was no backing out now but we gladly let the other couple go first.  As I recall, you go up 750 feet in the air.  Whoa!  The picture of me above is before we took our turn, I have no idea what I looked like after... maybe as green as my shirt.  While we were up there flying like the birds, the seat tilted because of our weight differences.  It added a little to the fear factor but we quickly took in the moment and enjoyed our heavenly flight.  It was one of those things you wish you could do twice but it's too expensive.
      We did different adventures every day we were there and maybe future blogs will include them but parasailing topped them all.  I encourage you to set aside your fears and enjoy life's moments of adventure.