Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's a God Thing

    Well my friend, Lesley, who is a missionary in Africa has been here for a few weeks.  Last night, we got to visit with one another and go out for dinner.  It was good to be well enough to enjoy some time together during her brief furlough.
    We never know when or if we will see each other again here on earth.  'It's a God thing' to know we are both saved and will someday meet again in heaven.  There are no goodbyes for Christians but instead a see you later mentality.  Jesus said, 'I've gone to prepare a place for you.'  We trust in His promises and in there lies our eternal hope.
    Lesley's call to do Bible translation for the Glaro people takes great sacrifice on both her and her family's part.  As I sing Scott Wesley Brown's song, 'Please Don't Send Me to Africa', I often wonder how she can do it.
''Please don't send me to Africa
I don't think I've got what it takes
I'm just a man,I'm not a Tarzan
Don't like lions, gorillas or snakes
I'll serve you here in suburbia
In my comfortable middle class life
But please don't send me out into the bush
Where the natives are restless at night''

     I am thankful that there are people, like Lesley, who are willing to give up the comfortable American life to share the Good News with people at the far ends of the world.