Sunday, August 7, 2011


I am no great cook by any stretch of the imagination. I don't particularly enjoy it and eating out is the preferred option. They say 'don't trust a skinny cook' so that's my excuse to stay out of the kitchen, lol. No, seriously, my chicken casserole is pretty good. I'll give the recipe at the bottom of this post. The best compliment Ive ever got on my cooking was from my friend's son, Charlie, on a chili pie I made for him. I know its just fritos, Hormel chili, and cheese but he said 'you're the best cook ever.'  I know its not true but it still puts a smile on my face to remember him saying it.  So remember to compliment the cook in your life.  'You're a great cook, mom'

Chicken Casserole
heat oven to 350
use 9x12 pan
cover pan with boneless chicken tenderloins
add 2 cans of condensed soup.......celery and mushroom, my preference but whatever you like
1 can of rotel
stir it all up in the pan
add cheese all over it
cover with stove top stuffing
put 1 stick of butter in lil pats all over
cook about 45min to an hour