Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Strong Enough

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     Many of the people who know me now have only known me since I moved back here.  Depending on how well you know me, one might assume that I've always been in a scooter. Well that's not true.  I gave up walking for the most part around the age of 26. You might ask, 'how could you give up something so important?'  Well I did fight the inevitable. I had one of those grocery bag carts that I'd use in the house or to practice walking with up and down the driveway.  I soon realized that all I thought about was not falling and wasn't enjoying going anywhere I went.  I was working full-time at this point and that took alot of my energy.  I wanted to do it all..x, y and z.  My disease is progressive so it's like a pin-hole leak in a glass of water. You can try to refill it a little on the weekend but it soon will be drained empty.  So you make choices.  It was a dream of mine to work so my energy went to that and the scooter was a way to adapt.  I could now go places without fear and at the speed I wanted. Yes, there is a downside of being weaker over time.  If I had fallen tho and broke something, it would have been worse.
     It does take courage to accept a new reality in your life or in yourself.  You adapt but mostly you trust God to see you through it.  If you don't see how this can apply to you then consider if you had to move, or get a hearing aid, or change jobs, or any of life's unexpected changes that will come.