Monday, December 26, 2011


Deja Moo

     I am not a political person at all.  I think I've only voted twice in my life.  I think it's important to exercise our right to vote and to choose a candidate with similar values but my true trust is not in them.  They are human just like the rest of us and have a sinful nature.  Their campaign 'promises' are often just words that are a means to an end with little value. Our country's future lies in the people turning their hearts back to God as our forefathers intended, not in a smooth talking candidate.
     Aren't you glad that God's promises are faithful and true?  He and His Word are never changing and always guiding us to a future that is good for us.
     I went to a Christmas program earlier this month and I thought the ending was misleading.  It portrayed people's problems in life going away because they chose to believe.  That's not true.  God doesn't promise His children an easy path in life of no troubles. He gives strength and comfort to get thru them. 

From the Daily Bread.....''Don’t ever let your worship of God become an avenue to good fortune.  We worship God because of His love for us and because of who He is, not because loving Him can help our bottom line.''