Monday, June 18, 2012

Starting Each Day


     I think I should tape this to the ceiling over my bed so I can awake to it each day.  It would be a wise move on our part to ask for help as we begin our day.  We humble ourselves when we recognize our weaknesses and draw strength from Him.  My friend tells me when she has a bad day, its usually because she didn't start her day with quiet time with the Lord.  The every day world, we call life, bombards us with stresses that can only be dealt with properly by the fruit of the Spirit.
     Ask and you shall receive is His promise.  When we try to handle it on our own, we are set up for calamity and failure.  Step into His Word before you step into the world.


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     In general I can remain calm under pressure but on occasion I can turn into 'anxiety girl.'  I probably watch the news and save it to my stored memory to recall it when appropriate.   I think this side of me only comes out when it involves somebody close to me.
     Not too long ago, before I went to bed my dad said he had to meet someone early the next morning.  Well even though I'd never met this person, I had preconceived ideas about them.  So I prayed that night and the next morning that my dad wouldn't get murdered.  I thought about going with him and I'll give of myself on about any cause, but just don't ask it of me before 10am, okay?  lol
     When our dog, Jack, goes on one of exploring escapades, I can turn into anxiety girl until he returns.   I think of how he might have been run over, caught somewhere by his collar, or stolen by research thieves.
     All of this worry has no benefit.  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything prayer and supplication.  As the song says 'Let the peace of God reign.'   We must turn over to Him what we cannot control and leave it to Him.  If I'm going to leap somewhere in a single bound, let it be my voice to His ears.