Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Way Back Wednesday

    Oh my goodness, I look so short in this picture.  Look at that hair? Sometime shortly before this,  I had a radical moment and chopped my hair off that had grown to the middle of my back.  Actually, my Aunt Robbie did it for me and begged me not to do it.
    I was about 13 here.  This room was a dark room for developing film when we first moved here.  It was attached to a tiny bathroom.  The garage was attached to both and after a year or two?, it became my bedroom. So I was pretty thrilled to not only get my own bathroom for the first time but a jacuzzi too.
    I am wearing my Girl Scout t-shirt that I got at camp a few years earlier. Camp Minnetonka, I think. It took me forever to outgrow clothes.. and still does.
     I share these pictures of the past to show how good God has blessed me thru the years.  I hope you can look back at your own pictures and count it all as blessings too.