Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bad Taste


     I've always liked Family Circus cartoons.  They are simple, short and to the point yet have definite meaning behind them.  This one definitely reflects my eating habits, especially as a child.  I am one who wants to know what's in it and will usually try one bite.
    This reminds me of a mission trip my dad went on to Haiti and they were served a suspicious meat.  They were so hungry, they didn't care what it was.  Pastor Cebien said it was cuban chicken, which they decided might have been rat...??  So recently when I saw a Panera Bread sign advertising their 'cuban chicken sandwich', I just had to laugh and say no thanks to myself.
    This cartoon also reminds me of the phrase 'don't drink the koolaid.'  Yes, I'm referring to Obama's eloquent, yet bold faced lies.  Did I like it the past four years?  No and I refuse to swallow it this time either.
    Be cautious in what you take in, not only to your stomach but to your mind also.  Some things just leave a bad taste that's hard to get rid of.