Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's a God Thing

    Are you aware of God's protection over you all the time?  I saw a sticker on a car the other day that said 'Faith 247'.  It took me a minute for me to realize that it meant that their faith was 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is in the moments that we didn't even realize we were vulnerable, that we can thank Him for the never failing protection He provides.
     In 1993, we moved from Dallas, TX to DeKalb, IL.  At the time, we had a brown boat of a car and a sportscar.  With the use of a Uhaul tow bar, we towed the sportscar.  We stayed overnight in Little Rock to visit and rest halfway.  We headed out the next day for the long drive and the less than desirable destination of the land of the frigid.  We stopped in a town [I can't remember the name] in Illinois about 3 or 4 hours short of our destination.  When we stopped to park, the tow bar hitch fell off the car.  Whoa, that was the 'God thing' moment of protection for us and others on the road.  What if it had come off while going 65mph down the highway?  You can just imagine the horrific possibilities.  Even tho it was hard for me, God gave me the strength to drive the car the rest of the way.  We weren't about to trust that tow bar again.
     There is no greater or safer place to be than in God's protective hands.