Thursday, May 1, 2014

Whatever You Do


             It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, I always have at least one candy dish out in my room.  Most kids or adults will ask me before helping themselves.  One five year old asked me, 'Angie, can I have a jellybean?'  He knew already at five not to be greedy or gluttonous.  He could've taken a few more and still be considered as having good manners.
             We must remember that our bodies are the temples in which Christ lives.  We must take care of our bodies physically and spiritually.  Sometimes on the way to church, I see people out running.  That is all well and good, if the spiritual run has not hit a dead end.
            We must also remember to not cause another to stumble because of what we eat or drink.  We must adjust our menus to the needs of others accordingly.  Whether diabetic, gluten-free, or alcoholic discretion is needed, consider others before yourself.
           'Whatever you do' should bring glory to God, so think before you act. God don't like ugly.